Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chapter Eleven

Three hours later, Liam and Dawn cautiously appeared. Liam immediately started in helping with prepping the driveway for paving. After being warned by Austin, Scott, and Adem that she was in for a lecture or worse, Dawn reluctantly entered the house. Thankfully the first person she met up with was Jessi.

“You are back,” Jessi greeted her with a smile and a hug. “I should warn you…”

“I know,” Dawn interrupted her. “I have been warned three times already.”

Smiling sympathetically, Jessi said, “I believe she has calmed slightly.”

Just then a horrendous crash came from somewhere above and Kristy could be heard yelling at the top of her lungs, “I told you not to put that there!”

A few moments later, Claudia appeared at the top of the stairs with tears in her eyes. Stopping at the sight of Dawn, she just looked at her for a few moments. Then she asked, “Why did you do it?”

Dawn looked a little confused. “You mean why did I get married or why did I elope?”

“Why did you elope without telling us?” Claudia asked.

Dawn was silent for a moment. “We wanted to get married right now; we don’t have the money for a big wedding and we are not going to have any in the near future; and Liam has just gotten accepted at his first church.”

“Those are reasons to elope,” Claudia pointed out. “They aren’t reasons for not telling us.”

“I guess we were afraid you would all try to talk us out of it,” Dawn finally admitted. “We were going to have a wedding later that everyone could come to.”

“Well, those are lousy reasons,” Kristy announced loudly as she appeared around the corner. “Did you think we wouldn’t have noticed when you guys didn’t come home last night? Did you think we didn’t care or something?”

Dawn shrugged. “We did not think much about that.”

“Obviously,” Kristy growled.

“We wanted you all to be there, but…”

“But what,” Kristy demanded.

“It just didn’t work out that way.”

“Obviously,” Kristy growled.

“We only got a license yesterday afternoon and you guys already had plans for the evening. We both thought it was really important for you and Scott to get some quality time, so we decided to just go ahead. I am sorry.”

“Fine,” Kristy said abruptly, turned around and disappeared back around the corner.

“That went well,” Claudia commented sarcastically.

“She will eventually get over it,” Jessi reassured Dawn.

Dawn just gave her a look that said she wasn’t so sure.


“Hey, Liam,” Kevin yelled when he spotted Liam coming around the corner from the front of the house. Austin, Adem, and Scott were leaning over a large wheelbarrow of cement mix. Austin and Scott were mixing it while Adem stood by with a half full bucket of water. All four looked up as Liam approached.

“Where is the wife?” Austin asked with a laugh.

“So you know,” Liam observed.

“Yep,” Adem grinned. “I didn’t have to say a word. Kristy knew immediately.”

“And she is screaming mad at Dawn over it,” Scott commented. “If you left her in the house, you might be needed for clean up duty after Kristy gets done with her.”

“Mad about what,” Kevin asked suddenly.

All four guys turned and looked at him in surprise. “Liam and Dawn got married last night without letting any of the rest of us in on it, except Jessi and Adem,” Austin managed finally.

“So?” Kevin asked.

“So, Kristy is mad because Dawn got married without telling her and letting her take part in the wedding,” Adem explained.

“The cement is ready, guys,” Scott announced. “We should probably get moving.”

“Right,” Austin agreed and turned to help Scott.

“I still don’t understand,” Kevin said.

“Don’t worry,” Adem told him reassuringly. “Some day you will.”


Later that day, Adem, Kristy, and Scott got a chance to sit down and talk. They gathered in the study. Just as Adem closed the door behind him, he asked, “So, what did you want to ask me?”

Scott glanced at Kristy. Kristy reluctantly started talking. “Scott said that you offered both of us jobs. I have a whole lot of questions about the whole deal and very specifically, my job.”

“Shoot,” Adem said as he settled on the couch. “What is you first question?”

“What will my job be?” Kristy asked as she sat down too.

“I was thinking personal training and one-on-one coaching in whatever area you want to specialize in. Jessi and I were planning on offering reimbursement for any education costs you might need to specialize. Especially since you are just out of school and have not really tried out the work, we thought your position would be as flexible as you needed.”

“Are you thinking part-time or full-time?”

“Either,” Adem answered. “You chose and we will hire accordingly.”

“What about Scott?”

“We are definitely thinking full-time for Scott.”

“What kind of hours?”

“The usual eight hours a day, five days a week arrangement would be fine. More than enough time will be leftover for you. You both will have a lot of control on how the program is structured and run. Don’t worry.”

“Are we going to be required to live here on the property or can we get a place on our own?”

“Actually, I would prefer you get a place of your own. The apartment upstairs is going to be going to whoever we hire to manage this place and the outbuildings have all been allocated for different purposes already.”

Kristy nodded. “I guess if Scott likes it, it sounds like a good deal.”

“Great,” Adem grinned. “So, when can you start?”

Kristy stared at him for a moment. “What did you just say? We haven’t even made it through the wedding yet and you are asking when we can start? We have to find a place to live after the wedding and…and…and.” Scott broke her off.

“I think he is teasing you.”

“Oh,” Kristy sat back deflated.

“You’ll be fine, Sis,” Adem laughed. “Just remember to roll with the punches and you will be fine. Well, it is back to work for me. I have two interviews for a manager this afternoon before I inspect the new driveway work.” Getting up he headed out the door.

Scott and Kristy sat in silence for a few minutes. Finally, Kristy said, “Do you think I should forgive Dawn?”

“Yes,” Scott said.

“I will eventually,” Kristy muttered and then got up and left the room.


There was a light tapping at the bedroom door. Kristy looked up from her book. She was sprawled across the bed reading: anything to escape reality right now. “Come,” she called and turned the book on its face.

“Can I come in?” Dawn asked as she cautiously entered the room they shared.

“Since when has my opinion mattered?” Kristy asked and picking her book back up, she proceeded to pointedly ignore Dawn.

“I came to get my stuff,” Dawn explained. “Liam and I are moving into our own room.”

“Mm,” Kristy mumbled without looking up from her book.

Dawn moved about gathering her belongings. As soon as she had everything together, she started making trips to the new room. After the last trip, Kristy considered it safe enough to continue her pity party. Setting her book aside, she stared unseeingly at the rug.

“Kristy,” Dawn interrupted her thoughts. “I don’t know what else to say, but I am sorry.”

Kristy did not look up. She did not react at all for a few minutes. “Why did you do it?” she asked finally.

“Liam and I have been trying to work out how we were going to afford a wedding before he started his ministry in the fall. He suggested we get a license last week and I agreed. We were going to announce our intention to get married yesterday, but then so much happened: the furniture arrived; you had the confrontation with Kevin, and finally had your talk with Scott. We agreed that you and Scott needed some time together to work on your relationship. We had already made an appointment with a pastor, so we decided to go on with our plans. I am sorry we hurt you. We were not intending too.” Dawn explained.

Silence fell between them when Dawn finished her explanation.

Without looking up, Kristy finally said, “I forgive you.”

“Thank you,” Dawn replied. “So where did Scott take you last night?” she asked, changing the subject.

“The Macaroni Grill and the Build-a-Bear Workshop,” Kristy answered. Leaning across the bed, she pulled a stuffed bear from behind her pillow. “Meet Jacer,” she introduced the bear. It was mocha colored and looked dashing in a pirate outfit complete with sword and broad brimmed hat.

“He looks very handsome,” Dawn laughed. “What does Scott think of him?”

Kristy shrugged. “He isn’t overly thrilled. He is just happy I didn’t name him Scott.”

Dawn laughed. “A typical male reaction,” she declared.

Kristy smiled weakly.

They talked until Claudia stuck her head in the bedroom and announced that dinner was ready. Looking from one face to another, she grinned. “Oh good, you made up,” she observed. “Come on, I am hungry.” She disappeared back around the corner.

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