Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chapter Ten

Apparently Scott was not the only guy thinking about taking out his girl the next evening. Liam and Dawn disappeared right after lunch the next day. Kristy and Claudia were quite worried when they could not find Dawn, but Jessi seemed strangely unconcerned. “She and Liam went out,” was all she said when she was pressed.

They had still not returned when Scott escorted Kristy out to the van.

“Have a good time,” Claudia called after them. She and Austin were spending the night in. The main reason was because she could not make up her mind about what she wanted for dinner. She kept wavering between Chinese and Polish food. Jessi said it was the pregnancy talking. Austin decided they were going to order out. That way if she changed her mind halfway through, he would just eat the leftovers.

Declaring she had enough with making decision, Kristy refused to pick a place. Scott was happy to choose. He wanted to make sure Kristy had fun, but they should still have some quiet, romantic time. So he picked the Macaroni Grill, when they arrived, all he had to do was notify the hostess and they were ushered back through a maze of tables to a set of double doors. Beyond the doors, a round table was set up with two chairs and a white cloth tablecloth.

“Scott?” Kristy asked.

“Have a seat,” he said as he pulled out a chair. Obediently Kristy sat. Scott took the opposite seat as the waitress set menus before them. After taking their orders, she disappeared back through the double doors. Kristy looked over at Scott expectantly. “I thought we needed some time to talk,” he explained. “Don’t you like it?”

“I like it,” Kristy answered, “But I am surprised. Thank you.”

“Anything to get some us time.” Scott smiled. “We haven’t had enough of it lately.”

After a short period of silence, both of them spoke at once. “You go first,” Scott said.

“I was just saying that it isn’t a good sign that we don’t have anything to talk about.”

“But we do,” Scott objected. “We still haven’t discussed where we are going to live after the wedding. That was what I was going to bring up. Adem offered me a job.”

“He did what?” Kristy exclaimed.

“He offered me, well actually both of us jobs.” Casually unrolling his napkin and silverware, he avoided her eyes.

“Well, what kind of jobs?” Kristy asked impatiently.

Straightening his knife and fork, Scott said, “Our positions would be as private instructors & trainers for the guests at the new Bed & Breakfast. He is going to prompt it as a weekend training center for stars needing to train and get ready for roles. He is also going to offer longer programs, if we take the jobs. They are still looking for a manager for the Bed & Breakfast, but if we say yes now, I can manage the training programs and have a say in who he hires.”

“How long term is this job going to be? How much will it pay?”

“The position will be permanent if we want and the figure that Adem offered me will be more than enough to cover our expenses. He didn’t say how much you would get, but my salary should cover us even if you didn’t want to take this job.” Scott glanced at her before returning his attention to his eating utensils.

Kristy frowned in thought. “Are you sure this is what you want to do? After all if you are managing more than you are teaching, I am not sure you are going to be happy.”

Scott shook his head. “I won’t be spending much time managing after the initial hiring. My job will be mostly instructing the karate lessons.”

“What about my job?” Kristy asked.

Scott frowned. “I didn’t ask much about your job. I think you should ask Adem about the particulars. I would guess that you could design the program the way you would like and then see if people are interested. Adem says he is planning on doing a lot of publicity based on what we decide to offer. He already has an advertising firm lined up and is looking into a manager for the program.”

Kristy nodded slowly. “Are we going to have to live on the grounds?”

Scott shrugged. “I doubt it. With my salary, we could probably start looking for a house right away if you wanted.”

Kristy’s eyes got big. “Hang on Scott, I needed a break. Not more big decisions. It’s a lot to think about and take in all at once. Where would we even look for a house?”

“Around,” Scott managed weakly. “I am sure there are good places to live nearby.”

“I also have a ton of questions about the time and intensity of this work. We are going to be newlyweds and we will need a lot of ‘us’ time. And what about your dream of running your own dojo, how does this fit in? Are we talking only the stars? So we’re doing more one-on-one training or are we doing bigger lessons? You can’t do just weekend training, so will there be longer programs for the stars that need more intensity?

I wish I knew more about it, it sounds like it is the start of something I would really enjoy, but I’m not positive you would. I need for you to be happy.”

Finally, Kristy took a breath. Scott leaped at the chance and grabbing a thought, he answered it. “With this job, we can save toward striking out on our own with a dojo in the future; I have not worked out the details with Adem yet, but I think he is planning long programs for those who need it; and yes, I think I will enjoy this job.” He paused. “Did I cover everything?” he asked.

Kristy shook her head. “Stars only?”

Scott smiled, “I have no clue. I think we need to sit down with Adem together and get all our questions asked together. What do you think?”

Kristy laughed. “Now that sounds like a plan.” Just then their dinner arrived. “I want a vacation from making life changing decisions, thank you,” she declared the moment the waiter left the room.

Scott froze with his first forkful halfway to his mouth. “Then taking you to Build-a-Bear would not be a good idea, huh?”

“Oh, no,” Kristy looked with a smile. “Those kinds of decisions are fun decisions. I would love to go to Build-a-Bear.”

“Whew,” Scott sighed dramatically and shoved his mouth full of food.


Scott and Kristy arrived back at the house late. Quietly they snuck through the kitchen and up the stairs. When they finally reached the third floor, Scott pulled Kristy back before she started down the hall to the bedroom she was sharing with Dawn. “Don’t I get a good night kiss?” he asked.

Kristy smiled up at his as he leaned over in the dimly lit hall. “I suppose I could spare a kiss,” she said coyly.

Laughing softly, Scott slipped his hand behind her head. “You better set your bear down. If I am only getting one I am going to make sure it is a good one.”

Kristy initially thought of keeping her bear in hand, but quickly changed her mind when Scott started kissing her. He meant what he said. By the time he was finish, Kristy was surprised she was still standing. “Wow,” she whispered.

“I should say so,” Scott grinned. “Good night, Kristy.”

“Good night,” Kristy managed weakly before she tried to walk down the hall without falling over. Some how she managed to make it to her door and get inside. Closing it softly, she leaned against the back and sighed. That is when she noticed the room was empty. Dawn was not back yet. Not feeling particularly worried, Kristy got ready for bed and fell asleep dreaming of Scott’s amazing kisses.


The next morning dawned gray and wet. Scott rolled over in bed and lazily glanced at the bed across from his. Suddenly he was wide awake. Liam’s bed had not been slept in since last night when Scott had arrived home. Frowning, he jumped out of bed and dragged on his rumpled clothing from the night before. Stepping out of his door, he went down the hall and banged on Kristy and Dawn’s door. A few moments later, Kristy stuck a tussled head around the door.

“Is Dawn in there?” Scott asked.

“Good morning to you too,” Kristy replied. Then glancing over her shoulder she confirmed what Scott was afraid was true. “Her bed has not been slept in.”

“This cannot be good,” Scott announced.

“She wouldn’t…she couldn’t…I am going to kill her if she did!” Kristy fumed.

“What?” Scott asked in confusion.

“I am thinking they eloped.” Kristy crossed her arms over her chest. “I am going to kill her.”

“No,” Scott shook his head. “Not Liam. He doesn’t have it in him. I cannot envision him eloping. It is just too spontaneous.”

“Start envisioning,” Kristy declared as she pushed past him. “Claudia,” she yelled as she tore down the hall toward the couple’s room. “Claudia!”

“What,” Claudia asked as she emerged from the bedroom. Austin was right be hind her.

“Did Dawn tell you where they were going last night?” Kristy demanded.

Claudia frowned, “no.”

“I knew it!” Kristy yelled.

Jessi appeared at the end of the hall in time to hear Kristy’s last statement. “You knew what?”

“Jessi,” Kristy tore down the hall and grabbed her sister-in-law’s arm. “Do you know where Dawn and Liam went last night?”

A guilty look crossed Jessi’s face.

“I knew it!” Kristy yelled.

“You keep saying that,” Austin complained. “Just tell us what you are so convinced about.”

“Dawn and Liam eloped last night and didn’t tell me. I am going to kill her!”

“The programs are ruined,” Claudia moaned and promptly burst into tears. “I am going to have to have them reprinted.”

Scott and Austin looked at Kristy in disbelief. “No,” Austin finally managed. “Liam wouldn’t have it in him.”

“That is exactly what I said,” Scott agreed as Adem came up the stairs from the second floor.

Surveying the odd looking group assembled at the far end of the hall, he asked, “Where is the fire?”

“I am going to kill her,” Kristy muttered.

“Kill who?” Adem asked as he approached them.

“Kristy figured it out,” Jessi informed him calmly. “She is still in shock.”

“See!” Kristy yelled triumphantly. “I am right. I am going to kill her. Where are they?” The last question was directed at her brother.

Adem raised his eyebrows. “I am telling you. Kristy, you are way too upset about this.”

“I am not!” Kristy yelled as she ran back to her bedroom. Slamming the door behind her, she continued yelling. “I am going to find her and make her pay. She got married without me and I did not even get a chance to put her through this whole wedding thing.”

Claudia said, “She didn’t even tell me!” With a wail she ran back to her bedroom and slammed the door. Austin and Scott looked at each other thoughtfully.

“He did start the kissing contest years back,” Austin commented.

“And he started dating her first,” Scott nodded.

“What are you two talking about?” Adem asked.

“We didn’t think Liam had it in him to go elope with Dawn,” Scott answered.

“Takes guts,” Austin added. “Their families are going to be disappointed.”

“Not to mention their friends,” Scott said as he looked down the hall toward Kristy’s door. “I would not suggest you telling her where they are,” he whispered, “but don’t tell Kristy I said so.”

“We can’t tell anyone,” Jessi announced. “We were sworn to secrecy.”

“Good,” Scott said with relief. “Kristy needs to get used to the idea.”

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